Graduate School (2017 - Present)
Pauli Murray College Graduate Affiliate
                    Aug. 2019 – Present 
Pauli Murray Mellon Forum Coordinator
                    Aug. 2019 – Present 
Yale Flipped Science Fair (FSF) Presenter and Organizer 
                    Aug. 2018 – Present 
Yale Science in the News Lecture Series Presenter
                    Aug. 2018 – Present 
Co-captain Yale Engineering Softball Team "Rusty Gears" (Intramural Champions Summer 2019) 
                    June 2019 – Present
Co-organizer Yale Engineering Friday Socials (monthly)
                    May 2019 – Present
Yale Engineering Day(s) Volunteer
                    Sept. 2017 – June 2018 
Yale Openhand Workshop Co-coordinator
                    Summer 2018 

YSU Honors College: Honors Trustees Treasurer 
                    June 2015-May 2017
YSU Honors College: YSU Honors Ambassador 
                    August 2015-May 2017
YSU Honors College: YSU Honors Student Orientation Leader 
                    August 2014-May 2017
YSU Ignite Student Orientation Leader
                    August 2016-May 2017
YSU Honors College: Honors Academic Journal "The Emperor" Reviewer
and Organizer
                    January 2016-May 2017
Tau Beta Pi Webmaster National Engineering Honors Society Webmaster
                    April 2016-May 2017
YSU Honors College: YSU Honors Harding Elementary Pen Pals 
                    September 2013-May 2017
Phi Kappa Phi Chapter 143: Student Vice President
                    March 2015-May 2017
YSU Student Government Association: College of Science Technology                     Engineering and Mathematics Representative 
                    April 2015-May 2016
YSU Student Government Association: Academic Affairs Committee 
                    August 2015-May 2016
YSU Student Government Association: Co-organizer of the Last Lecture 
                    September 2015-May 2016 
Academic Senate Student Representative 
                    September 2015-May 2017
YSU Top Students in Excellence Representative 
                    October 2014 
Academic Senate Representative: Student Academic Grievance Subcommittee, Integrated Technologies Subcommittee 
                    September 2015-May 2016 
Treasurer of Café Lingua Student Language Organization 
                    August 2014-May 2016
Treasurer of YSU Orthodox Christian Fellowship 
                    August 2013-May 2017
Secretary of YSU Student Chapter of the Institute of Electrical and                     Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
                    August 2015-May 2016 
STEM Leadership Society Member
                    August 2013-May 2017
Ugandan Water Project Volunteer & Member 
                    November 2013-May 2016 
Poverty Awareness in Youngstown Volunteer 
                    April 2015-May 2017
YSU Honors College Coordinator of Scholar Wars 
                    July 2014-May 2017
YSU Information Security and Ethical Hacking Association Member 
                    August 2014-May 2017 
YSU Honors Relay for Life Team 
                    April 2014-May 2017 
YSU Honors College Coordinator of Shantytown 
                    October 2013-October 2014 
Fowler Fire Department Volunteer 
                    October 2011-March 2014

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